Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise children’s clothing is created with the style conscious child in mind, the collection includes fashions for girls and boys, baby wear, coats, dresses, outdoor clothes and everything for special occasions such as bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dress, christening gowns and communion wear. Established in 1969 by Leonard and Diane Given from their family home in Liverpool, England Sarah Louise has now developed into an international organization with manufacturing facilities in Europe and The Far East and warehouse facilities in the U.K. and U.S. The current collection reflects that natural iridescence more than ever by the extensive use of crystals, beads, sequins and delicate dustings of glitter that, we believe, help set the collection well apart from the day-to-day. Sarah Louise has also concluded that there is a growing trend for children’s clothing, particularly clothes for little girls, to reflect adult fashion and we’ve emulated adult design to some extent whilst being careful to maintain an essential innocence and charm. That can be seen in some of the more striking colour selections where hues unusual in children’s clothing provide some arresting contrasts. Consistent with previous collections is the contrast in textures, with silky smooth fabrics sitting alongside weaves and knits, often on the same garment but frequently in matching accessories. Similarly, opaque fabrics are often overlaid with transparent materials of almost gossamer-like delicacy, the subtlety and softness of which belie their longevity and ability to delight generations to come. It’s almost impossible to introduce a new Sarah Louise collection without mentioning the wealth of detail that manifests itself in the trims and tiny touches that combine to create garments that are nothing less than delightful. That’s particularly the case this season because, as noted earlier, there is much that glitters and gleams. The introduction of those extra facets means a great deal more hand work has gone into the creation of many garments but the results, we believe, fully justify the additional effort. Here then is a collection with a greater emphasis than ever on fashion but one that remains true to our overarching ethic of providing children with the very best quality, combined with the innovation and attention to detail that tells the discerning parent that it is Sarah Louise even without looking at the label. Enjoy the collection

Sarah Louise

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