Engineer a success when shopping with the kids


Don’t dread the shopping trip with the kids. We suggest you plan for it be a success by implementing tried and tested measures for success. The idea is to empower the kids when buying clothes for them and come out smiling! You will soon get the measure of whether your child falls into the ‘not bothered’ in the least category. This is despite the fact that their ankles may be showing a little more than you are comfortable with. The other camp would be enthralled with the idea of diving into the latest fashions.

When you have both established that a shopping trip is on the cards, the question is whether you have the same taste and price budget in mind. This is the time when you might find that you are poles apart, and it is going be an interesting journey. For everyone’s sake the shopping trip has to be a success for both parties, and this is where child psychology comes into play. Meeting children half way with compromises along the way will invite a series of debates. To empower your child in the art of decision making is a good place to start.

Shopping with success

There is enjoyment in browsing and much of the research is done in advance. However, smart parents have learnt to offer choices to their children when looking for a new outfit. Whist you have to have eyes peeled with so many factors to consider, we say stay in control and you will come out winning. Let the kids decide as long as you are in charge.

The test is to whittle down your preferred choices. Offer your child an opportunity to make the final decision in the knowledge that you would be happy with either. Allow your child to choose between the two (or possibly three) options you have presented.  That way you know you will come away with an item of clothing you like, and are happy to pay for. The best reward is to see your child happy with their own choice. That way they can feel a little bit pleased as a result.

Put in place a winning formula to ensure that shopping with the kids is fun and a success. Take this opportunity to soak in the sights of Arundel with the kids and learn all about the history of the Castle and town.

Be happy with the decision made and good luck!

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