A baby gift that will last forever

Bunting conjures up images of Summer garden parties drinking fizz with strawberries and cream.  We now see its popularity emerge as a quick and easy way to transform our homes especially since the trend for anything vintage and old.  So where better than to use them to decorate children’s bedrooms.

Its popularity has taken off since the ability to spell a child’s name and commemorate a newborn’s arrival, or to celebrate a christening or naming ceremony.

Thanks to Powell Craft, this has become easier than ever, and at Squibbly Biskit we keep all letters A to Z in soft pink and blue in vintage floral, gingham and stripe patterns.  It’s such a simple concept that sees parents returning time and again to offer the idea as another gift for a new arrival.  There are numbers and pictures too, if you want to make the bunting longer.

HERE’S HOW – If you are nifty with a sewing machine, then we offer step-by-step instructions for all of you who have a little time on your hands.  For an even more memorable experience you can even reuse old clothes (that don’t make it to the charity box) to create bunting with means something to you.


Here’s a quick run-down for creating your own bunting:
1.    Gather up assorted fabric remnants.
2.    Draw a template for the triangular sides of the bunting and capitals letters (stick to capitals – they are easier).
3.    Cut out two pieces of triangular fabric and individual letters using pinking shears to prevent frayed edges.
4.    Sew a letter on the right side of one of the triangles, then sew right sides of your triangle together and invert.
5.    Attach each bunting flag onto a length of tape.
6.    Fix into position for a simple and cheap decoration AND THERE YOU GO!

A customer recently bought bunting for an upcoming wedding with the words congratulations and names of bride and groom – we say, keep the letters for when the little ones arrive.

Get creative or come along to Squibbly Biskit to get yours in a jiffy!

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