About Us

About us

Squibbly Biskit presents an array of children's clothes, toys and essentials that are slightly quirky and definitely fun.

Be assured that our clothes and toys are chosen because they are well made and made responsibly.  

Handmade items are now finding their way onto the site - all designed to make the user feel that bit more special.  These are now combined with other gift items to create a perfect gift in a bag.

Since moving away from our gorgeous 15th century old candle factory in the heart of Arundel, Squibbly Biskit is pleased to welcome new designers and makers.

A little haven away from the hubbub.

About our clothes

As an independent, we can select clothes that show promise for their quality, original design and appeal.  We have in the past supported many well-known and established labels.  Right now we are going through a voyage of discovery and reaching out to smaller designers.  

Join us on our journey and take a look-see!  

About our toys

Toys have to be well made, reliable and most importantly fun in terms of workmanship and durability.  

We pride ourselves in choosing companies that provide us with assured quality certifications and designs that will see the test of time as well as value for money.  

Educational toys do feature as a favourite.  New games on the block are amazing at bringing excitement and intrigue, as well as being able to incorporate fun challenges.  

Who doesn't love a multi-achieving toy?

About our service online

Those of you who remember our shop, will remember the personal service.  Now that we are online, really not much has changed and we remain in contact at all times.  If we are away, it will be for a short time only and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you need help choosing a gift, just email us and mention who you are buying for and what your budget is and we can revert back with informed suggestions.

We have launched drawstring gift bags that incorporate a selection of treasured items. 

We are contactable by email on info@squibblybiskit.co.uk.