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Baby Gift Bag - Rainbow wall hanging, hedgehog slippers and book

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A special baby gift that includes something for now and something to keep.

No more wondering what to get!  Take a look at this perfect combination contained in a reusable cotton bag.  The gift bag includes a pair of handmade hedgehog fleece lined slippers, a bright rainbow themed wall hanging made out of recycled materials and a children's book - for keeps!  Makes a perfect gift for when you want to offer a bundle of items.

The gift is enclosed in a cotton Squibbly Biskit drawstring bag, for reuse! 

Gift bag:

- A pair of handmade baby slippers.

- A handmade wall hanging in a bright rainbow design using recycled cashmere, wool and cotton materials hung by a piece of found driftwood.  (Measures:  50cm long x 10cm wide and driftwood 17cm)

- A children's book.

- Reusable cotton drawstring bag printed with Squibbly Biskit logo.